Super Seconds Saturday

Batty Blossoms will be joining in with Super Seconds Saturday on Saturday October 2nd! 

This will be a chance for you to pick up a real bargain. I will be offering some seconds of my bestselling prints, exclusive linoprints that never quite made it to the website and one-off experimental pieces.. all at 50% off!

What are 'seconds'?

In the production process, especially in printmaking, sometimes things don't always come out perfectly. There might be a tiny blemish or a slightly wonky cut, or the colours may be slightly off. We call these 'seconds' - they're perfectly nice pieces of work, but they just don't meet our (very high) standards for regular sale.

Rather than waste these seconds, artists across the country are doing a Seconds Sale, where you can pick up a bit of their work for a fraction of the regular price! 

How to shop on Super Seconds Saturday

All 'seconds' will go live here on the website in their own 'Seconds' category.

Items will be strictly limited, so you'll have to be quick!

Follow us on Instagram for more details and sneak peeks as we get closer to the big day.