Cute Sushi vinyl stickers

Cute Sushi vinyl stickers

A collection of medium-sized glossy vinyl stickers in different, cute little sushi designs.

There are so many wonderful types of sushi and you’ll find a chef’s selection of some of the best here in this sticker set. Each little maki or nigiri is made just for you!

Please note this listing is for ONE sticker of your choice only. If buying more than one, postage will be combined.

These statement stickers are perfect for decorating a laptop, phone case, notebook, sketchbook or tablet.


• One splash-proof vinyl sticker in the design of your choice.
• Stickers will be packaged in a small paper bag to keep them clean and protected.
• Stickers will be sent in a regular C6 envelope.


Stickers measure approximately:
Tuna nigiri = 4cm x 5.5cm
California roll = 4.4cm x 4.6cm
Prawn nigiri = 4.5cm x 6cm
Cucumber maki roll = 4.3cm x 4.8cm
Onigiri (triangle rice ball) = 5cm x 5.5cm
Tuna maki roll = 4cm x 4.5cm
Tamago (egg) nigiri = 4.8cm x 5.5cm
Large sleepy maki roll = 4.5cm x 5cm
Salmon nigiri = 4.5cm x 5.5cm

(Please note that these stickers are all carefully hand-cut by me, so measurements may vary ever so slightly between stickers).


• P&P for stickers is £1.00 and will be sent via Royal Mail 2nd class post (2-3 working days).
• Please note that due to COVID-19, there may be delays to delivery services. Please be patient and allow extra time for your items to arrive.


• Stickers are made to order and take approximately 1-3 working days to dispatch.


• Stickers are produced using a Canon Pixma Inkjet printer and genuine Canon inks.
• Printed on Hayes Vinyl Glossy sticker paper. Although this states it is waterproof, it's best to keep stickers on a surface that isn't in constant or prolonged contact with water.
• Please note that monitor and device settings can cause colours to appear differently in print than on screen

  • Tuna nigiri
    5 available 100%
  • California roll
    5 available 100%
  • Prawn nigiri
    5 available 100%
  • Cucumber maki
    4 available 80%
  • Onigiri (triangle rice ball)
    4 available 80%
  • Tuna maki
    5 available 100%
  • Tamago (egg) nigiri
    5 available 100%
  • Large sleepy maki roll
    5 available 100%
  • Salmon nigiri
    5 available 100%