About Us

Batty Blossoms began life in July 2020 as 'Calavera Illustration'. It all started with me taking on a few family portrait commissions as I'd been furloughed from my day job. Demand then picked up and over the last year I've expanded into making art prints, stickers, cards, plus hand-painted gifts and homewares from my own original illustrations.

Everything you see in this shop is handmade by me. I draw and paint everything by hand using mostly acrylics, linocutting, foils and a digital tablet and pencil. 


I'm Claire, an illustrator and mum-of-one from Brighton, UK. I have loved to draw and create art ever since I was a little girl. I'm a Halloween Queen with bright hair and a bunch of tattoos, and an addition to colourful dungarees. And dresses with pockets!

My main passions are arts & crafts, travel, food, coffee and gaming (especially board games!)


I love creating bold, cute, colourful art with a bit of an edge to it. My work is mostly inspired by nature, people, travel and great storytelling. My style is a blend of worlds - I love pastels and rainbows but also adore the gothic and spooky. One half of me is living in a pumpkin-scented Halloween spooky town every day. The other half is prancing about in a pastel paradise buying all the cute things in Tokyo!


I live in a tiny bungalow, so when Covid hit and my husband and I had to work from home, my desk got squeezed into the bedroom to create a workspace. I still work out of my bedroom, surrounded by boxes of supplies, dreaming of the day when I have my own art studio.


I am also available for editorial illustration projects and art commissions. To enquire about my rates, please do get in touch.