About Us

Batty Blossoms began life in July 2020 as 'Calavera Illustration'. It all started with me taking on a few family portrait commissions as I'd been furloughed from my day job.

Demand then picked up and I expanded into making art prints, stickers, pins, tote bags, cards, hand-painted gifts and seasonal decorations from my own original illustrations.

I set up this little shop in January 2021 and have now had over 100 sales! Thank you all so much for your support. 

I am a one-woman-band. Everything you see in this shop is designed, packed and posted by me! My artwork is hand drawn/painted by me using acrylics or my digital tablet.


I'm Claire Havell, an illustrator and mum-of-one from Brighton, UK. I've loved to draw and create ever since I was a little girl, so being able to do this as a job really is a dream come true.

My main passions/obsessions are arts & crafts, Halloween, travel, food, dungarees, coffee and gaming (especially board games!)

I'm also a big supporter of small/indie businesses and artists and am passionate about mental health support and awareness. 


I love creating cute, colourful and quirky art. My work is bold, bright and inspired by the things I love; nature, travel, folklore and a dash of horror.

My style is a blend of worlds - I love sparkles and rainbows but also adore the gothic and spooky. One half of me is living in a pumpkin-scented Halloween town every day. The other half is prancing about in a pastel paradise buying all the cute things in Tokyo!


I live in a tiny bungalow, so when Covid hit and my husband and I had to work from home, my desk got squeezed into the bedroom to create a workspace. I still work out of my bedroom, surrounded by boxes of supplies, dreaming of the day when I have my own art studio.


I am also available for editorial illustration projects and art commissions. To enquire about my rates, please do get in touch.